Assoc. Prof. Roman Kalytchak

Senior Research Fellow

WURCES Research Topic: European Studies in Ukraine and the World: Accomplishments and Challenges

PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Board member of the Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers on European Integration.

Dr. Kalytchak has been involved in various EU-related academic projects. He was the project coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module “The EU’s Subnational Dimension” and has been involved in the implementation of three other Jean Monnet Projects: “Enhanced Visibility on European Integration Teaching and Research”,  “EU-EaP Academy: Supporting Next Generation of Scholars in European Studies” and “Linking “Europe” at the periphery”

His didactic activities primarily focus on European Integration, Dr. Kalytchak mostly teaches EU-related courses.

Dr. R. Kalytchak is a member of the Scientific and Curriculum Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Previously, he served as a Deputy Chairman of the Curriculum Subcommittee on International Relations, Social Communications and Area Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Dr. Kalytchak was a visiting scholar at different European and North American Universities and received various prestigious grants and fellowships.

Research Areas:

•  EU-Ukraine Relations,

•  Regionalism,

•  Regions, Cities and European Integration,

•  European Studies and Higher Education in Ukraine

Selected Publications:

1. EU-Norway Relations: A Model to Follow for Ukraine? // Ukrainian Yearbook of European Integration Studies. – Vol. III. – 2019.

2. Untapped Potential? Ukrainian Cities and the Eastern Partnership // Conference Proceedings “The 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership: Lessons Learnt, Current Challenges and Future Perspectives” - Kyiv, 2019

3. Stronger Together? Ukrainian Cities and European Urban Networks // Ukrainian Yearbook of European Integration Studies. – 2018.

4. Cities and European Integration: Key Trends and Challenges // Visnyk of Lviv University. Ser. International Relations. – №46. – 2017.

5.  Subnational Factor in the Relations between the EU and Third Countries: the Case of Canada // Gileya. – №126. – 2017.

6.  Cities’ Engagement in the Eastern Partnership: Accomplishments and Challenges // Politicus. – №6. – 2017.

7.  Development of European Studies in Ukraine in XX century // International Conference “European Studies in Ukraine: achievements, challenges, and perspectives” – Kyiv, 2017.

8.  Disciplinary Identity of European Studies in Higher Education of Ukraine / Yearbook “Regionalism and Integration”. – Vol. 2. – 2016.

9.  The role of foreign donors in the development of university programs in European Studies in Ukraine // National conference “European Studies in the universities of Ukraine. – Kyiv, 2016.

10. EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the context of key models of EU’s relations with third countries // Visnyk of Lviv University. Ser. International Relations. – №38. – 2016.

11. European Union Enlargement – An Unfinished Business? // Introduction to European Studies: A New Approach to Uniting Europe. – Warsaw: University of Warsaw, 2013.

12.  The state of research on European integration in Ukraine // Poland in the European Union: Adjustment and Modernisation. Lessons for Ukraine. – Warsaw: University of Warsaw, 2012. –

13.  Squeezed by the Paper Wall: the Impact of the Enlargement of the Schengen area on Western Ukraine // EU Migration Policy and its Reflection in Third Countries: Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine. – Maribor: ISCOMET Institute for Ethnic and Regional Studies, 2012.

14.   Regionalism in European Integration Processes. – Kyiv: Znannya, 2007.